Highly Advanced Blown Film IBC System

This patented IBC control system is 100% digital making it very reliable in the toughest plant environments because the interferences with other electrical devices are eliminated.

The tightest possible layflat control is achieved when equipped with the high-speed valve.

Due to the patented dual sensor set up, the DIBC stabilizes bubbles that cannot be stabilized with other IBC systems.

The DIBC can be integrated into any other Addex or non-Addex control system

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Product Description

Unique Features

Patented split sensors enable the air flow intake and exhaust to react to the slightest changes in bubble size at or below the frost line where the bubble size is not yet final. A set of two non-contact ultrasonic sensors are aimed at the bubble below the frost line where size changes, particularly with the low melt strength materials like metallocenes and LLDPEs, are quickly noticed. This allows an immediate correction by the intake/exhaust blowers via the AC inverter controlled blowers, or, for the more critical layflats, via the high speed servo reaction control valve. A second set of two ultrasonic sensors are aimed at the bubble way above the frost line where bubble size is stable to calibrate the lower sensors to make sure the bubble size is kept constant.


The DIBC system includes also a fifth ultrasonic sensor that is aimed at a fixed target in order to calibrate the other four sensors whose readings can be altered due to changes in air temperature.

Digital Circuitry

The 100% digital circuitry eliminates errors caused by interferences due to electrical devices like corona treaters or ultrasonic sensor driftings. The digital circuitry allows three out of the total of four sensors to be incapacitated and automatically, without operator intervention, the system will still work.

Versatility & Integration

    The system’s versatility allows it to be used with:

  • 100% blower speed control
  • Air valve control
  • Optional quick change feature (reduces changeover time by 50% or more)

The operator friendliness is assured by the limited number of buttons and switches and the operator alerts that indicate an off center or “breathing” bubble. The DIBC system can be integrated into any Addex or non-Addex complete line control system.