About Addex Inc. | Leading Global Supplier of Blown Film Cooling Equipment

Based in upstate New York, Addex Inc. is a leading global supplier of high-performance blown film equipment. Addex offers technology that is keenly focused on higher throughput, film quality, and operational simplicity.  Addex delivers many patented innovations for the blown film process, specializing in conventional, as well as auto-profile versions of our world-recognized cooling technologies.  All systems are simple and easy to integrate on a retrofit or OEM basis.

Addex has worked continually to develop unique products that help processors increase yield and realize major raw material savings. Latest among these industry-leading innovations is a patent-pending Intensive Cooling multi-level, stacked cooling technology–a modular cooling element stack plus enclosure–that when installed between the die and one of Addex’s standard or profile control air rings, provides high film-holding forces and peak cooling efficiency, boosting output an amazing 30-60%, depending on the configuration!

This Intensive Cooling technology applies to all Addex’s air ring products, including automatic profile External Gauge Control (icEGC), Manual Gauge Control (icMGC), and Laminar Flow (icLFR) air rings.  Addex has taken air ring technology to a new level by directly integrating Intensive Cooling technology within the dual-flow air ring design.  These new Intensive Cooling air rings are guaranteed to deliver 10-15% more output, with typical increases in the 15-20% range or more, as well as better bubble stability–over and beyond Addex’s already high-performance, industry-standard dual-flow air ring design.

Addex’s Intensive Cooling + External Gauge Control system:  icEGC, includes our patented EGC system, known for its control speed and resolution, which continues to beat the competition in head-to-head comparisons by our customers. With the addition of Intensive Cooling, it does so at even higher output rates.  The high number of control zones, 132-344, depending on air ring size, enables the system to address film thickness variations that other systems cannot.

Another unique offering is Addex’s Intensive Cooling-Compatible IBC hardware design, coupled with our patented Digital Internal Bubble Cooling (icDIBC) control system, which delivers the fastest reaction time in the industry to ensure precise bubble control, helping processors to speed product changeovers and significantly reduce scrap.

All these systems are simple and easy to integrate into existing OEM blown film lines.  Addex’s broad range of high-performance components are found on commercial blown film extrusion lines throughout the world, providing top-tier performance and quality at a competitive price.

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